Welcome to GN Cann, the one-stop financial solution provider for the cannabis industry. Our company is committed to providing the latest financial technology systems to help legalized companies in the sector grow, become profitable and remain profitable. We are a group of industry leaders in finance, technology, cannabis and blockchain with over 25 years of experience combined that are dedicated to providing investment vehicles for eligible, accredited, cannabis-based businesses and other nonaffiliated, accredited, investors to lend to other cannabis-based businesses. We believe that through the implementation of our smart loan system we can ensure the growth and stability of the industry with each client that choose to partner with us.

Our innovative smart loan system utilizes business analytics that are specifically designed to complete the necessary business health checks. These health checks allow our team to identify and address facets of each business using a simple grading system with our proprietary risk assessment algorithm. When you partner with GN Cann, our team can help your business improve financial performance, management and operations, planning and lending and funding effectiveness. Our system gives us a comprehensive look at each of our client companies which allows us to make our lending decisions and help them make changes to enable and sustain growth.

At GN Cann, we provide lending solutions to cannabis-based businesses that empower them to keep the equity of their businesses. We eliminate the need for our clients to give up ownership of their business to raise working capital for that business to function and we utilize blockchain technology to protect client data and provide transaction transparency. We’ve developed a unique and proprietary risk assessment algorithm and unique credit rating system that helps our clients succeed and maintain their success in the cannabis industry. Here at GN Cann, we’re proud to help our clients grow in the cannabis industry, and we can’t wait to help your business do the same.

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GN Cann is a financial protocol specifically targeted to and created for the Cannabis industry.