About Us


Everyone has seen it coming, and now it is here. With the legalization of cannabis across Canada and in many of the states of our neighbor to the south, the Green Rush, generated by the cannabis industry, will become one of history’s greatest wealth producers.

If you’re a producer, the opportunities are unlimited but so are the realities. You will have to grow along with your business. Your ability to meet demand will be what determines your success. That requires capital, and you may be out of friends and family and those rare lenders willing to listen. So, the question becomes, how do you gain access to the capital you need without giving away your shares and your equity along with all your sweat and hard work? We have the answer. GN CANN. Every once in a while, disruptive new concepts like Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb come along and change how things are done. We believe we have done that to the world of capital access and acquisition by providing financing options, based on Block Chain Technology , to cannabis producers. Using our proprietary, breakthrough, risk-assessment software, we can get you to capital for investment without you having to divest your positions or sell your soul to get it. If you’re a qualified investor, we can help keep you out of the weeds by guiding you to those companies with the right combinations of technology, products, production capacity, and management skills to succeed. Obviously, in an industry with such incredible and unlimited potential, there will be winners and losers, especially in the small to mid-range. We can help you select those with lower risk and more potential from companies that are mostly smoke and mirrors. We all have 20/20 hindsight; our systems will give you 20/20 foresight.

Don’t watch this fantastic opportunity pass you by. The demand both in Canada and globally is huge and unprecedented. So are the opportunities. GN CANN is here to get you there.

The Issue Is The Opportunity.

Even though cannabis is perfectly legal all across Canada and soon much of the world, the current financing options that readily apply to other businesses are not now available to cannabis producers. Restrictions on capital acquisition are the single biggest obstacles to potential and predicted growth. On its face, that makes no sense, because cannabis and its related products have not even scratched the surface of their vast potential and now that serious study into the pharmacological properties of cannabis is underway, the potential is geometric.

GN CANN is making the stumbling blocks to capital and investment a thing of the past. Consumer demand is unprecedented, the explosion of products from consumables to skin care, pain management, mood enhancement, and more, make this a veritable gold mine for an investment opportunity. If you’re a reliable producer or within the ecosystem, we can get you the capital you need. If you’re a qualified investor, we can help you identify the companies with the most potential. Having a product ready for market is no guarantee that it will capture or dominate the market. Our proprietary risk assessment software makes it possible to select those with the most potential to do just that.

Who Are We?

We are not only advocates of the legal cannabis industry; we are business and finance people approaching this as an excellent opportunity for wealth creation. My background in banking, finance…. Etc (need to fill this out) has shown me that our creative approach will allow us to capture a significant share of this vast opportunity. So many didn’t see once disruptive, now dominant businesses, emerge because they couldn’t fully appreciate the issues they identified, uncovered, and solved. We have. History has shown us over, and over that when a problem arises, someone and something new and innovative will be created to solve it. I strongly suggest you not let this opportunity go by. It will be eons before another one with such lucrative potential comes along. Peter Lynch, the legendary investor and founder of the Magellan Fund, once said he found companies to invest in by walking the mall with his daughter and seeing where she, her friends and the crowds went. Seen the lines outside of legal dispensaries? They’ll only get longer, as will the list of people growing wealthy from their investments in this booming, dynamic and now open to the investment industry.

GN CANN. Growing The Cannabis Industry.